I know you want to know who is on the other side of the phone, but its just me, Robert Green.  And I'm here to help you regain control of your business and put you on a path towards measurable success.


Your Business Coach

About Robert Green, MBA

If you were to need an coach or advisor for your business, Robert will give you one of the best coaching experiences of your career.


A brief history

Lets just say a long time ago...                           

First Job - Mowing Lawns

Mowing lawns isn't just about your neighbors having a good looking lawn, its about learning customer service and realizing that the more people you help, the better your business becomes.

The College Years

Florida Army National Guard and College

I started with the Florida Guard at 17,  before graduating high school, and at 19 was enrolled in the Florida National Guard Military Academy Officer Candidate School, earning a commission and a degree in military leadership.

Engineering Career                      

Engineering Career

After getting a degree in Philosophy and Computer Information Systems, I began a career in engineering, helping develop systems for telecommunications support to electronic document management and workflow automation, and then transportation information systems.  The insights gained from engineering and automating workflows turned out to be process engineering before it was cool to be Lean Six Sigma aware. But, It was while at GE that I was able to get the business degree that created a foundation for today's knowledge and desire to share it.

Giving Back                       

The Power of Giving  Back

Board Member

Serving as a board member of the Early Learning Coalition, one of the largest children's services organization in the state allowed me to see make a direct impact in the management of such an organization, its leadership and its affect on so many children and families.

Fund Development Director

Adding to my already full life, I wanted to share some time and talents with my community and started helping Club Esteem with grant writing to keep up to 200 economically disadvantaged children in a free after school enrichment program that helps them build a foundation for success.

WeVenture Ignite360 Mentor

I got the coaching bug a year later when asked to volunteer with the Women's Business Center at Florida Tech's WeVenture Ignite 360 program, helping CEO's of women owned businesses take control of their business with confidence and grow to meet their vision.  It resonated with me that I can be of service to more business owners around the world.

There is so much to be gained by giving your time and energy, that its not giving back really, but feeding the soul while making the world a little better.

The Present                        

Robert Green, MBA

The ultimate shift for me has been when I became a professional coach and speaker.  Taking all I have experienced and learned, I thought how I could teach my kids a few things, but this too has grown to sharing what I've learned with you too.


Malabar, FL 32950


Email: info@robertgreenmba.com   
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